350 Merino Baby Aquarelle – orange/beige/blue

125,00 kr


100% merinoull, superwash
50 gram = 165 meter

26 masker = 10 cm på pinne 3-3,5 (veilende pinnestørrelse)

Info fra leverandør:

Baby yarn with a 3-toned gradient effect print in a 100% Extrafine Merino composition. Katia Merino Baby Aquarelle is a non-museling yarn with Total Easy Care treatment that makes taking care of the garments of the youngest members of the family really convenient, thanks to its quick machine washing and drying. Enjoy knitting a delicate gradient print with a watercolor effect which, undoubtedly, gives it a unique handcrafted vibe. Among the patterns designed, those specifically created with circular knitting needles in mind are particularly noteworthy. See how baby knits make the most of the color effect of Merino Baby Aquarelle.

More and more knitters are interested about the origin of the wonderful Merino Wool and about the conditions of the Merino sheep. At Katia we want you to continue enjoying, without any worries, the recognized benefits of Merino Wool in the manufacture of your garments. For this reason, in addition to the Mulesing Free seal, which guarantees that no Australian sheep has undergone this practice, a large part of the 100% Merino Wool in our catalog comes from South America.

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