199 Felted Tweed - pink bliss

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50% ull, 25% viskose, 25% alpakka.
50 gram = 175 meter.

Strikkefasthet: 22-24 masker på pinne 3¾-4 mm (veiledende pinner).

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Ask any Rowan fan for their favourite yarn and there’s a good chance it’ll be Felted Tweed. Spun in a light DK weight, with a beautiful tweed effect and an amazing 50+ colours to choose from, it’s a Fair Isle knitter’s dream. But that’s not all. The magical combination of 50% lightly-felted wool, 25% viscose and 25% alpaca makes it supremely blockable and a gorgeous option for lacework as a result. Or knit it in garter stitch for a drapey, squishable fabric that is cosy, but light and easy to wear. Choose from nature-inspired shades ranging from cool watery tones to warming cherry red and fiery ginger and prepare to fall in love!

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Dimensjoner0.000 × 0.000 × 0.000 cm


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